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Team Natalie Statistics

Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal: $5,000.00
Total Raised: $9,845.00

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 50
Members Recruited: 76

Join our team and help us support the cause!

Natalie Perkins is a friend, mentor, agency leader, philanthropist, stepmother, and wife, but most importantly, she is a survivor. And this is for her.

When diagnosed in August 2015, Natalie discovered she was living with ROS-1 genetic mutation lung cancer. And we have one person in particular and one miracle drug to thank for her remission—Dr. Jennifer Garst and Xalkori.

Natalie is leading a full life today because of an oral chemotherapy drug that was approved by the FDA only five months before she was diagnosed. We’re here to raise money for research and education so that more people like Natalie across North Carolina have a fair fight in the battle against these rare forms of lung cancer.

Last year for the LUNGe Forward 5K, we set out to raise $5,000 in honor of Natalie and her battle. With 58 participants, we were not only the second-largest team, but we surpassed our fundraising goal. Want to make a difference? You can help us support Natalie by joining her team and/or making a donation on behalf of Team Natalie.

Here’s to banding together and making strides in defeating lung cancer.

Team Members:
Total Raised$9,845.00  
General Team Donation$3,250.00  
Virginia Parker$100.00  
   Jennifer Allen$80.00  
   Mary-Ann Baldwin$30.00  
   Sally Barbano$55.00  
   Lindsay Beavers$25.00  
   Chris Bell$50.00  
   Anton Berg$15.00  
   Brenda Berg$30.00  
   Christer Berg$30.00  
   Kelly Berg$30.00  
   Teri Boggess$30.00  
   Alice Brady$55.00  
   Ellen Cleary$30.00  
   Travis Conte$30.00  
   alice coram$50.00  
   Ellen Crowley$50.00  
   Sharon Delaney McCloud$30.00  
   Lee Dobson$30.00  
   Glen Fellman$60.00  
   Lori Forbes$30.00  
   Carrington Gerli$80.00  
   James Hamblin$30.00  
   Natalie Hamilton$50.00  
   Jill Heath$80.00  
   Mary heath$45.00  
   Lindsay Hill$30.00  
   Jeremy Holden$125.00  
   Lily Holden$30.00  
   Sam Holden$30.00  
   Carla Hollis$60.00  
   Christine Holtz$100.00  
   Patricia Hopkins$100.00  
   Elizabeth Iaquinta-Karsten$80.00  
   Becky Jacobs$75.00  
   Daniel Jacobs$30.00  
   Jean Jaros$30.00  
   Lisa Jones$100.00  
   Randal Karsten$30.00  
   Victoria Kearns$30.00  
   Ryan Keefer$30.00  
   steve kelly$30.00  
   Michael Manganillo$80.00  
   Patrice Nelli$50.00  
   Amanda Owens$30.00  
   Mike Owens$30.00  
   Jon Parker$55.00  
   Monty Parker$130.00  
   Elizabeth Paschal$150.00  
   Wendy Penfield$30.00  
   natalie perkins$2,600.00  
   Stephanie Perri$80.00  
   Gary Pratt$100.00  
   Susie Pratt$100.00  
   Ben Quirk$30.00  
   David Railean$50.00  
   Donna Reddy$75.00  
   Joe Reddy$25.00  
   Dickens Sanchez$45.00  
   Scott Scaggs$50.00  
   Kari Scharf$30.00  
   Michael Schinelli$100.00  
   Kitty Shanahan$100.00  
   Elizabeth Shealy$30.00  
   Garold&Julianne Smith$50.00  
   Matthew Smith$25.00  
   Alyson Stanley$30.00  
   Jenny Storey$30.00  
   Daniel Strickford$130.00  
   Alexa Tesoriero$80.00  
   Katherine Thomas$50.00  
   Ken Thomas$30.00  
   Zak Thompson$30.00  
   Morgan Trachtman$55.00  
   Leia Trotter$25.00  
   Debbie Vandiford$25.00  
   mary webster$30.00  

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